BUNS OF STEEL STEP™ 2000 Download

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Buns of Steel Step 2000 Download for All Levels!

Tone your whole lower body, have fun, lose weight, burn fat. Co-hosting with Tamilee are two top fitness Pro's Donna Richardson and Tracy York.  Each will lead you through their unique style to get you quick results while having fun.

If you want to slim down and see results fast, this workout will do both! For tight, firm, fat-free buns, step aerobics is the best way to go! Each step you take burns calories, strengthening your heart and tones your buns, quadriceps and hamstrings. Stepping is easy on the joints and the Platinum Team is easy to follow. After the exciting fat-burning aerobics program, the toning segment uses the step in new ways to define and shape your whole lower body. You’ll know it’s working because you'll feel it.

Download your copy of Buns of Steel Step 2000 and start working out with Tamilee Webb and the Platinum Team instantly. Working out has never been easier.